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Trust Pharmacy in Forest Areas Protection

In the modern world, as never before, forest areas need protection. To ensure this, Trust Pharmacy online gathers a team of fellow-thinkers to change the attitude of many people to the forest areas. Correct Attitude to the Forest Areas Man often conquered the forest. That is, he took everything needed from nature, practically not giving […]

Forestry students tackle tough lots

There’s a new option for woodland owners trying to rejuvenate marginal woodlots. Modern logging economics tend to discourage landowners from undertaking a beneficial thinning. Now along comes Maplestone School in Acton with an offer that may work for some landowners. The school is looking for small timber harvest sites for their “stump to mill” forestry […]

You can’t tell a harvest by its appearance

Can you tell good forestry from bad forestry when you see it? The three photos above all depict logging operations that have made dramatic changes in the landscape. Two of the photos illustrate good forestry that takes care of the long-term health of the woods. One of the photos depicts poor forestry and short-term management. […]

Scrolling, pinching, swiping your way through the woods

If you own woods but aren’t real woodsy, you can now let your smart phone do the bushwacking. “About My Woods” is a free phone app developed by North East State Foresters Association specifically for woodland owners who are un-savvy about their woods. It is available HERE. Once downloaded, the app allows one to key […]

Post-harvest survey getting pre-harvest attention

A new woodland owner survey intended as a post-harvest satisfaction rating is also being used as a pre-harvest checklist to improve communication between landowners and professionals. Two months ago, Maine Forest Service sent a Harvest Satisfaction Survey to 2,000 landowners who conducted a timber harvest in 2013. So far, more than 750 surveys have been returned and early […]