Problems with Woods, Timbers, Lumbers in the USA

Problems with Woods, Timbers, Lumbers in the USABuyers in developed Western countries, when choosing furniture or printer paper, are increasingly interested in whether the wood from which the goods are made is certified, whether it is harvested using methods that prevent forest degradation and depletion of forest resources.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organization that has established a system for confirming the environmental and social responsibility of forest management. The FSC mark on wood or on a product is an indicator that the product comes from a forest that is economically efficient, yet environmentally and socially responsible.

The FSC certification is issued by an independent auditor based on a rigorous annual inspection at the site of logging. In total, more than 211 million hectares of forests have been certified in 82 countries worldwide, and over 42,000 FSC certificates for wood and paper products supply chains have been issued in 127 countries.

In developed countries, so-called environmentally sensitive markets have already emerged. This means that there is a growing demand for goods produced without harming nature. In Europe and North America, the buyer looks for the FSC mark on it before purchasing wood or wood products.

The demand for certified timber has convinced many global and national export companies to issue FSC certification. To date, more than 54 million hectares of forests have been certified in the USA – according to this indicator, our country ranks second in the world. Recently, the government and environmentally and socially responsible businesses have shown interest in the use of green products.

FSC is working to promote certified forest products among consumers, which contributes to the formation of an environmentally sensitive market for forest products. As a result of this work, more and more people in the USA or other global countries learn about the availability of voluntary forest certification and have the opportunity to make sure whether the wood products they buy are legal.

Forest certification

Responsible companies that want to combat illegal logging receive voluntary forest certification. There are many certification systems, one of the most famous is FSC.

FSC’s mission is to manage the world’s forests responsibly. The main thing is to harvest the forest responsibly, so as not to leave a scorched field behind, to act in accordance with the ideas of sustainable development, so that the future generation does not lose the same opportunities that people have.

This certification ensures that the company legally harvests timber, respects the rights of local residents, workers, and ensures reforestation and biodiversity conservation. The certificate is awarded not only to companies that harvest timber, but also to factories that produce cardboard and paper from this timber. The products received are marked with the FSC label.

By choosing products with such a logo, people are contributing to the conservation of forests.

Lumber prices in the USA

Lumber prices in the United States increased 4.3 times over the year, from $330 to $1,420 per 1,000 board feet, which corresponds to $917 per cubic meter. This happened against the backdrop of a boom in the construction of wooden houses. For the same reason, sawnwood prices are breaking records in China and Europe.

Where can I get money for lumber?

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