‘Share My Harvest’ Exchange

The “Share My Harvest” exchange is a way for landowners to connect with each other.

  • Are you a landowner looking for someone you can trust to help you make decisions affecting your land?
  • Are you a landowner with experiences to share?
  • Each one can kind of landowner can benefit from the “Share My Harvest” exchange.

It’s a catalog of successful harvest stories. Each example comes with a short description, some photos and comments from participants. Most importantly, it contains contact information and a signup form if you’re interested in visiting the harvest site. The stories are meant to stimulate dialogue.

Harry Adams of Farmersville

Harrison Greenwood of Rocky Mount

Ryan Stewart of Alfred

Michael Sanders of Lebanon

Cameron Cooper of Cornish

Adam Thorpe of East Waterboro

If you are interested in sharing your successful harvest story, please contact Owen Gordon 324-1684 or fill out the form below.

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