Woolrich Launches Foundation to Preserve the Forest

Woolrich Launches Foundation to Preserve the Natural World

The mission of the Woolrich Outdoor Foundation is to protect and preserve the nature, which had a great influence on the creation of the brand.

Woolrich plans to contribute to environmental well-being by launching the Woolrich Outdoor Foundation in partnership with Patriot Finance – a company providing advance loans Douglasville. These are short-term loans originally designed to tide people over until payday. The process is quick and relatively easy. The requirements are relaxed. You only need to have a paycheck that can repay the loan, so you are likely to be approved.

Participating companies are reported to contribute at least one percent of their annual environmental sales to the organization’s fund.

Projects of priority importance will be areas that contribute to improving the living conditions of low-income groups of the population. The main goal of the foundation’s work in this area is to positively influence the psychological and physical well-being of society by improving its material and social situation. Improving streets, parks, holding various activities in nature – everything that will encourage people to spend more time outdoors, taking care of the environment.

The next category for which the brand plans to allocate funds is the cultivation and conservation of forests around the world. The Foundation will be engaged in projects that adhere to scientifically proven methods of reforestation: the specifics of a particular area, the types of plants that are characteristic of this area and other factors must be taken into account. The Woolrich Outdoor Foundation will also sponsor sustainability and ecotourism initiatives.

The third activity of the Foundation is to support organizations that provide coastal well-being. Encouraging people to actively participate in maintaining the cleanliness of the coast is the main goal. Special educational programs and incentive systems for active residents will be created.

“Helping people and nature, who have been our source of inspiration for many years, is very important to us. We decided to use 1% of our direct sales to fund effective green projects. The partnership will help shape a brighter and more sustainable future.”- Stefano Saccone, CEO, Woolrich.

What happens to the forest today

Forest occupies a third of all land. However, the forests are getting smaller. The global cause of their disappearance is human activity.

People harvest timber, cut down forests for pastures, roads, cities. Moreover, many logging operations are carried out illegally. Iin Indonesia and Colombia, 40% of the forest is illegally harvested, in Peru and the Amazon – up to 80%.

Another global problem in this area is the replacement of primary forests with plantations. Instead of using existing areas for them, primary forests are cut down. And the pesticides used on plantations harm the forest dwellers remaining on this territory. Some species of animals are disappearing due to the loss of habitats.

People most often become the cause of fires that destroy trees.

What you can do to preserve the forest

Residents of cities nowadays also want to know what they can do to preserve the forest. There are a few simple rules.

  • Do not litter. Residents of cities should remember that it is clean where they do not litter. Plastic bags can become a serious factor in the pollution of the forest. Under the influence of direct sunlight, they will release harmful substances;
  • Do not leave the machine engine running. You can often see a situation where someone leaves a car engine running near the house and leaves it for 10-20 minutes. There are at least five hundred such cars in an average city per day. Imagine how much exhaust they throw into the air. This may seem like a trifle. By the way, in the USA and Canad, there is a law according to which every car owner is obliged to turn off the car’s engine if he or she leaves it;
  • Do not spoil the water area and reservoirs. If you are a resident of a seaside area or live near any body of water, do not spoil them;
  • Handle fire right. To preserve nature, fires need to be lit in such a way as to minimize the risk of fire. It is even more important to extinguish the fire correctly;
  • Take the trash with you. Bagging your trash is only half the battle. You need to take it with you;
  • No smoking in nature. In hot weather, even a handful of ash falling from a cigarette can cause a fire.

What other countries do to preserve the forest

New Zealand and Canada impose environmental fines for abandoned bonfires, garbage thrown on the road (even if it comes to candy wrappers). That is why these countries are leading in greening, which is the basis for preserving the environment. After all, the forest is not only oxygen but also the habitat of many species of flora and fauna.

Japan, Korea and China are famous for recycling various types of waste for secondary use. And in this regard, the Japanese have gone the farthest – they use recycled waste for the production of car covers, shoes, office furniture and even clothes. And we are talking about products of very high quality!

Wildlife is all around us: air, and water, plants, animals. And the state of living nature depends on our actions (or inaction).

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